The Sales Agent

The product has been developed and produced, the next step is to secure and slot the product into a distribution channel. Distributors specialize in selling at the operator level. Pitching the distributor successfully is a monumental step towards the successful placement of your product. This can be achieved by preparing a presentation that outlines each of the features, advantages and benefits of your product directly to the buyer or decision maker. If they recognize the potential of the product, it will earn a slot space. Once slotted, the distributor’s sales force will offer and sell the product to their existing clients as well as new clients.

At times the product may serve as a door opener where it is perceived as a new and exciting Item of interest for the end-user. A distributor’s focus and purpose is to promote the sales efforts with the goal of moving cases off the shelves and into consumer circulation. PFW’s sales force is enhanced by the power and strength of the distributor who legitimizes the products value perception for image and quality. Distributors also facilitate the delivery of product to the stores.

PFW has been a part of and is privy to the successful launches of various products, even the spearheading of product placements of which have earned valuable slot space within many distributors. We are experienced sales agents and PFW will guide your product towards finding the best distribution solutions.

Marketing your product direct!

When selling direct to an operator, it is imperative to have an adept sales force combined with a strategic plan on how the product can be delivered. A trained sales force will be required to sell direct; door to door, cold calling sales approach along with capturing new business sales on a daily basis. Point-of-sales materials will be necessary to sell the product efficiently. These point-of-sales items will serve as in-store advertising and decisive attention grabbers who all contribute to successfully earning sales.

Direct store delivery is an option; however, challenging because most stores require delivery on a specific day and some stores may even need several deliveries a week based on the fact of high demand or limited storage space each as contributing factors. PFW has a superior understanding of the marketplace, how to train a sales force, all with the goal of getting your product where you need it to be – in circulation; in the hands of the consumer!

Earning the Retailer Support

Earning coveted shelf space and the support of the retailer is the goal; one way is to offer an incentive program. One method utilized in the industry is by offering free goods to retailer whereas they can sample the product for themselves. Once they have had a sampling, they may become inclined to move forward with a purchase. Another approach is strategy of –buy two cases receive the third free of charge. Incentive offerings of distributor bill-back, coupons and guaranteed sales can also become the push that the retailer needs to agree to purchase and sell your products.

Knowing the audience is important and also a common method used as an in-store customer survey which can be used to evaluate the most effective method to utilize. Budget planning is part of the incentive evaluation program. Incentive costs are short term costs; but, overall viewed as long term gains for future sales which ideally outweigh the initial cost investment.

The offer of incentives is a proven method to earn customers loyalty which equals repeats sales and sales increase with a great outcome.

Model Sales Professionals in Creation

Successful sales are executed by exemplary sales professionals. The goal is to give your product the best representation possible; therefore, it is pivotal to train model sales professional correctly about your product. Sales training programs will prepare the sales force that represents your company as they will be closing the deals!

Seminars help to improve sales professionals with their overall appearance and demeanor. Specific skill sets are taught for specific selling practices, along with communication skills to prepare for a variety of settings; including one-on-one and group communications; each segment is vital towards gaining product selling expertise and achieving successful sales.

Product knowledge is a must for sales professional to be successful. A sales professional must be able to speak with confidence about a product and be prepared to answer and field questions made by the consumer for which only product training will enhance this ability and skill set. Training product knowledge to model sales professionals will provide them with the necessary information they need to communicate properly and sell with confidence.

PFW has successful launched multiple types of food and beverage brands and is aware of the importance and value of product and sales training.

When you decide to partner up with PFW only then will you discover the quality resources that PFW has to offer and provide!

Increase Sales – Increase Profits

With the desire and quest for finding ways to increase sales it is not so simple when launching a product or product line; however, a Co-op program can prove to be an innovative tool. A Co-op program is where the manufacturer will reduce their profit margin in order to reduce the cost to the end user. The philosophy behind this sales method is that short term reduced profit margin will eventually result in an over increase in sales long term.

PFW has the ability to conduct and facilitate Co-op programs with its vast amount of manufacturer relationships and expertise. Whether or not you decide that such a program fits within your sales strategy, you can be assured that with over two decades of experience, PFW is a superb resource and will empower your organization with the tools needed to implement and execute this type of strategy.