Design to Packaging

Packaging solutions are constructed throughout the entire packaging process. First is the labeling design and packaging design. Secondly is the way the packaged product will be used; counter displays, design of the package, design of the cap, lid or top, and even a master carton package. From simple packaging designs to the most intricate designs, ultimately the necessity of understanding the complexities of food and beverage designs is the key to a successful package design. Having the experience of taking multiple designs and made them into real, authentic products, PFW’s staff is highly equipped to guide you through each step of the packaging process and provide solid solutions.

All in the Basics

Food or Beverage production utilizes various raw materials, from the packaging materials to the ingredients. The goal is to keep track of the raw materials while managing the storage and usage which all are essential components of the production process. Equally it is important to have the freight costs for the raw materials prior to production and have a production site that is located strategically; geographically, with the intention of keeping these material costs down.

PFW is adept in identifying each of these needs and steps. We will aid you through the complete process of selecting the correct manufacturer or co-packer that will provide the most reasonable cost solutions within your planned budget.

The Key Ingredient

It is crucial and imperative that all factors of production are constantly reviewed; testing for defects; the reporting of defects found to further stabilize production and seek for the solution to minimize thef requency of these defects is paramount to the integrity of the company and the brand. Inspection occurs in the threepoints during the production process: First, when receiving the raw materials, next, when the raw materials go through production and lastly when the product is finished. Quality control is very important for both production management and cost efficiency. The lack of quality control could lead to a defective and potentially harmful product being released which in turn could lead to the brand being compromised.

PFW’s understanding of product progression as well as quality control will help position your product to stand out from the rest and be the best.

Creating Positive Margins

Developing a new product requires an acute knowledge of cost management. Managing costs correctly, by planning and with precise execution of the plan, will ultimately prove to be an invaluable measure towards the successful life of your product. Having a superior cost management plan is the key to taking your product from an idea to becoming a reality. The accurate estimation of procedure sand controlling costs as the project moves forward are key components towards the project’s future successes and vitality. By creating the outline beforehand, then carrying it out throughout the project is crucial through the development process. A strategic budget, monitoring the output and input of revenue, all while staying within the limits of your budget will keep your product well managed all within a reasonable financial plan. It is possible that an unforeseen event can cause a change to the cost baseline; equally it is important to determine what factors caused this event and continue to manage them. Experienced individuals will knowhow to assess and make changes if and when it becomes necessary.

PFW has over two decades of experience e and is a suburb resource that will guide you through all of the aspects of cost, from beginning to end. Our trained specialist will be there to get your product into production all with the goal of delivering it to the end-user, at a reasonable cost.

We know your customer base!

At Petrone Food Works we realize that there are many important factors when starting a new product or product line. In the world of food and beverage it is crucial to know your customer base and equally know how to cultivate those relationships. PFW has a depth of experience within the food and beverage industry. Our business model and follows the philosophy that it is vital to know the customer’s needs; but, also the necessity to target the right vendors, acquire the business, place and lock your product into the sales channel all while continuing to manage and nurture that relationship.

We recognize that several primary phases in the customer relationship management must be utilized to lead toward future successes. Step one is to acquire new customers. Within the food and beverage industry this can be accomplished by utilizing our highly equipped sales force, marketing management team and promotional staff. Our sales staff operates out in the field showcasing you product, along with point of sale materials with only one goal in mind; getting the products lotted into stores. Our next objective will be to enhance the relationship with the customer. Our marketing team hires personable below-the-line promotional staff to work in the stores, to demonstrate and pass out complementary product and be that energetic and pleasant face represent your company. Our rationale is to hold these proprietary promotional events at the stores where your product is being sold. The customer will feel and seethe earnest commitment to moving cases which turns into customer retention and ultimately expand the customer base. These marketing initiatives are vital to the selling process and customer base retention leading to new growth and keeping the customer feeling attended to, cared for on every level.

PFW is here and will be there to serve as the liaison between your company, the vendor and the customer. Our experience and equipped staff will guide you through every step of the customer relations, marketing, promoting and sales process.