Consumers are the target!

In the food and beverage industry it is paramount to establish a positive brand image early on; consumer marketing is the side of marketing that specifically targets the consumer. The message perceived by customers is identified upon the first glance they make on your product; which is either a deterrent glance or an attractive glance. Brand messaging can be demonstrated by using multiple ways, newspaper or magazine advertisements, custom sampling programs, billboards, internet, radio and television ads, or social networking ads are just some of the ways utilized to market directly to the consumer. Having a marketing strategy is important as consumers are inundated with so many advertisements that it is important to make your brand stand out compared to the others available on the market. Again, creating a positive brand image early in the marketing cycle will position your brand for success.

PFW has over two decades of qualified consulting experience and will assist you with crafting a marketing campaign that will take your product to the next level in the eyes of the consumer.

Implementing Unique Methods

Promotion is a key component when launching food and beverage products.

The object is to stand out against the other products currently in the marketplace, and to do so it is important to use unique methods of product promotion. Effective means of promoting your brand that will give your product an edge over that of the competition will be our goal creating an everlasting trend for your product and generate repeat sales. Promotions used to capture a strong following for your product is often referred as a brand model. These promotional models are; sampling of product where the product is sold. This method provides the customer with the opportunity to sample and taste the product and it becomes highly likely they will make a purchase either immediately or in the near future.

Distributor’s also have tradeshows where your stocked products can be showcased to their existing customer base. These tradeshows are an awesome way to earn face time with the customers who ultimately lead to repeat sales and potential new customer sales. PFW’s promotional staff will enthusiastically represent your product at such trade shows.

From Our Customer to Your Consumer

PFW’s marketing techniques to showcase your product to your consumer is a vital step in customer marketing. Our customer includes the broker, the distributor and the retailer. Marketing for our clients will be approached in a professional manner providing clear presentations that will outline the features, advantages and benefits along with uses for the product and their projected margins.

RETAIL OUTLETS- Offering of incentive programs such as coupons, guaranteed sale, promotions, even distributor bill-backs will motivate most retailers to agree to sell your product.

BROKER OUTLETS- Utilized as the sales force, brokers sell at the operator and distributor level representing your product as part of their product portfolio.

Selling product to key decision makers and with the proper training of sales representatives will be a mandatory element when selling to brokers whereas distributors need to be sold with the intention of earning slot space. To earn slot space the sales potential must be demonstrated along with a commitment for backing the product.

Petrone Food Works believes that building relationships with these business channels are important and they will definitely contribute to the future successes for any product. We pride ourselves as we have built these relationships, while earning the accreditation and respect of the international business community for over two decades.

All in Brand Messaging

Marketing development is one way of promoting the image of a product. The image itself must first be developed. A superb graphic design combined with the understanding for the style that will appeal most to your target audience. Secondly, consumer marketing via advertising must occur. Equally effective is the strategy of using point-of-sale materials such as clip on logos, fliers and tags.

PFW’s graphics art specialist will guide you through the process of taking your idea and image from concept to a final design that can be utilized to create the final label and point-of-sale materials.