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Petrone Food Works is the sure source that can break through the barriers of entry; for the manufacturer that has the desire to sell and market their products abroad, PFW can facilitate the entire process from manufacturing plant to end-user into the North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia.


With over twenty years of our CEO Victor Petrone and our dedicated sales/marketing and product development expertise, PFW can specifically create and position your brand from an infancy stage to finalization. We also can represent your established or national brand internationally.

We are an International Food & Beverage Marketing Specialist with a unique importation portal to break through the barriers of entry; a dilemma most manufacturers face when attempting to sell their goods abroad. PFW’s geographic area of expertise is within the North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia.

PFW is a personable and capable resource as well as a great company to partner with for your business’ growth!



Petrone Food Works is the sure source that can break through the barriers of entry; for the manufacturer that has the desire to sell and market their products abroad, PFW can facilitate the entire process from manufacturing plant to end-user into the North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia .

PFWs dedicated sales and marketing staff will represent your food and beverage products to your customer!

Grow your strategic business goals on an international level.

Create private label opportunities and sustainable packing concepts.

Research & Development

Petrone Food Works joins along side with manufacturers that staff highly experienced food and….

The Sales Agent

The product has been developed and produced, the next step is to secure and slot the product into a distribution channel. Distributors specialize…..

Design to Packaging

Packaging solutions are constructed throughout the entire packaging process. First is the labeling……

Consumers are the target!

In the food and beverage industry it is paramount to establish a positive brand image early on……

National Brands

At Petrone Food Works, we’re committed to marketing our customers the products of quality and variety that….


The source that is vital to all life on Earth, clean drinking water is an essential way to hydration. The fastest growing categories in the beverage industry…..


PFW represents manufacturers that fabricate…..

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PFW is the one-stop-shop for reliable, authentic products. PFW’s expertise of industry trends, combined with a deep knowledge of customer preference and trending ingredients will serve as a wealth of invaluable information as you begin to develop your proprietary concept and product. PFW’s manufacturer and product representation on old-world and innovative products are authentic, diverse and real
Carlo Pontecorvo Ferrarelle
President and CEO

Victor Petrone happens to be a charismatic leader that is a major asset within his industry.

DRF Management


“We are elated with the appointment of Victor Petrone. His substantial experience in food distribution, restaurant operation, import/export in addition to his public company experience, make him a welcomed addition to Diamond Ranch Foods as we strategically plan to expand our business operations.”


Victor Petrone
Chief Executive Officer


Guy Powers
Creative Marketing Specialist


John Lodini
Technical Consultant


Our history

In the late 1980’s: Founded and launched two highly targeted niche quick-service Restaurant concepts: Home Cooked American Cuisine and Tex-Mex Cuisine. Grew consecutively over a ten year period, to achieve and reach annual sales of over $7 Million dollars combined with Four Units with 55 full time employees and 40 part time employees. Structured and negotiated solid financial investor agreements and authored strategic business and marketing plans to facilitate start-up, build and support market growth and penetration.

In the late 1990’s; Recruited by Italian Food Distributor Giant Roma Food Enterprises to financially strengthen and position the corporation for growth and expansion. Managed a cross functional team of more than 5 sales professionals, daily production, accounting and procurement.10 team members were first line reporters; achieving more than 30% sales growth during tenure. Sales, Marketing & New Business Development included creating market-specific, direct and indirect distribution networks using private labeling strategies to penetrate high growth and emerging business opportunities into the market of Mexico. Restructured proprietary product line and reinvigorated efforts to maximize sales and services to our new and existing customer base all with an overall increased to net profit margins by 3%.

Analyzed corporate performance methods and orchestrated an aggressive re-engineering of all core operating functions. Re-staffed key managers, redistributed workflow and duties and cut manpower hours by over 20%. Reduced overhead costs, instituted the use of new uniforms and secured a new fleet of trucks to enhance corporate image. Payroll increases were issued to tenured employees due to the direct results of the restructuring. Resolved chronic Accounts Payable and Receivable issues with customers and vendors to help increase the cash flow and reduce our expense liability exposure.

By the early 2000’s joined US Foodservice Giant to develop and oversee International Accounts to strengthen the corporations growth and expansion in Central and South America, The Caribbean and Europe. Directly responsible for Top Clients- Wyndham International, Hilton International, Westin Resorts, Wholesale Distributors and Premier Restaurants. Executed successful travel to new countries in The Caribbean, Central and South America to foster strong customer relationships, organizing and conducting sales meetings and product training.

Directly Responsible for clients Logistics; Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Inspections and Licensing requirements.

As Director of Specialty Markets

Recruited to oversee $ 30 Million division within the Specialty Market Division; Asian, Italian and Latin food products and its clientele. Achieved departmental goal of earning additional $10 Million Dollars in sales within the first year of tenure, Earned Employee of the Month and Employee of the Quarter Award. Innovated new business concepts within marketing food show extravaganzas, involving over 100 vendors; responsible for marketing dollar contributions to fund the segments presence at the show, over 200 sales representatives and 3000 customers all to cultivate and entertain existing and potential clients.

Hired for my skilled cold calling abilities, fostering of strong customer relationships and ability to organize sales meetings and trainings.

Mid 2000’s Founded a dedicated import and export company to procure and distribute specialty food products; both branded and private label combined with exclusivity agreements.

Developed Key Top Foodservice Clients- Sysco Foodservices, Inc., US Foodservice, Inc., Gordon Food Services, Inc, The Bellissimo Group and Brinker International within the foodservice trade. Top Retail trade clients: Wegman’s, Price Chopper, Albertson’s, Safeway, Kroger and Publix Supermarkets.

Directed procurement from manufacturers in Italy, Spain, France, Tunisia, Greece, Morocco, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico.

Created a specialized importation portal; DBA/ International Food Specialists, to facilitate and monitor the logistics for Air, Ground and Sea Cargo. Governmental licensing and documentation from inception of procuring the product to the end of the process when the product is delivered.

Directed sales and marketing efforts for all branded and private labeled products. Organized and participated in (3) annual food trade shows along with manufacturers exhibiting over 100 types of specialty ethnic products. 2006 acquired a 30 year old niche food wholesale distributor in Miami Lakes, Florida; Palermo Italian Foods, to compliment and cross pollinate the existing product lines and services to grow organically. Merged and sold my privately owned company via reverse merger into Nascent Wine Company, Inc., a publicly traded company.

Retained Top Clients- With exclusive distribution agreements; Miller Beer Brands, Proctor & Gamble, Con-Agra, Michelina’s, General Mills and DeCecco Pasta. Comercial Mexicana, Soriana and Wal-Mart Supermarkets of Mexico as our top tier end user.

Purchased the exclusive license and distribution rights for Miller Beer to become the first publicly traded company to distribute Miller Beer into Baja California, Mexico. Secured private equity financing of $11.5 Million via retail raise and an additional $18 Million from prominent private equity firm, York Capital Management for an institutional capital raise. Created the first nationwide imported food and beverage Distribution Company in Mexico with 18 strategic locations to secure distribution throughout the country.

We achieved an increase in EBITA and revenues annually due to the fact that we acquired similar fold-in acquisitions which resulted in increased sales revenue and reduced our operating expenses and by cross-pollinated the product mix we grew organically which resulted in increased profit margins.

Completed and combined seven fold-in and new geographical acquisitions, accounting for 7 new distribution centers, acquired three national brands, exclusivity to over 30 brands, over 4000 employees all netting into over $100 million dollars in annual revenue the first year in business within Mexico.

Key Acquisitions included, a manufacturer of processed goods, a wholesale distributor with over 100 employees, a specialty food service distributor with over 300 employees and the nation’s largest; Below The Line Marketing’ company with over 4000 employees. Largest account; Top-Client was Proctor & Gamble.

Extensive travel throughout Europe, Central America and South America to secure business trade relationships. Developed; Start-Up Beverage Company; securing exclusive import agreement to launch Italys Number One selling Water and Soft Drink Brands; Rocchetta and Uliveto into the USA. The branding, communication and positioning were the initial focus; which included creating labels and local image, develop television media lines, while using the strengths of securing the representation for the sponsorship of the current World Champion Soccer Team; Italian National Soccer Team, Miss Italia Pageant and The Official Sponsorship for The Italian Olympic Team.

Developed and placed product within the beverage, broad line and ethnic distribution channels to service the hospitality, institutional and retail trade throughout the United States.

Organized tradeshow exhibitions, corporate website and corporate imaging. Logistics; importation facilitation, inland freight and full warehouse operations. Construct Marketing Materials and onsite corporate presentations. Traveled throughout The United States to secure business trade development.

2012 culminated with the launch of Petrone Foods Works, bringing together honed expertise and a breath of international and domestic partnerships to provide an unparalleled route to markets for our clients.

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