Food Industry


PFW is the one-stop-shop for reliable, authentic Italian products. Petrone Food Works joins alongside with manufacturers that staff highly experienced food and beverage scientists. PFW’s expertise of industry trends, combined with a deep knowledge of customer preference and trending ingredients will serve as a wealth of invaluable information as you begin to develop your proprietary concept and product. From special recipe sauces to specialty cheeses; canned tomatoes to a variety of styles and types of pasta; and much more. PFW’s manufacturer and product representation on old-world and innovative products are authentic, diverse and real.

PFW’s Hispanic line expertise and representation includes both ready-to-cook and precooked product selections, diverse selection of beans, marinades and spices.

PFW’s relationships with manufacturers located in Asia are solid with a product offering of well-known brands to private labeling options for consistent, high quality food source choices.

Personal Chef

PFW’s personal Chef has the knowledge for the highest quality artisan and gourmet products available. These products can be sourced from manufacturers direct to your customers – proprietary formulations to your specifications. PFW’s Personal Chef is available to discuss your product ideas and turn them into reality.

Meat Products

PFW represents manufacturer brands of the finest quality beef, pork, poultry, veal and lamb products. Customers that need master cases, value added product variety and ready-to-cook to pre-cooked selections seek the proper coloring, grade, texture and weight available for foodservice or retail operators, we can offer a solution.

Seafood Products

PFW’s seafood representation selections vary from the everyday commodity and value products to products of the best-available quality, value-added products, to raw seafood products. Portico offers a selection to meet every foodservice operator’s need. PFW is available to discuss your private label product ideas and turn them into reality.

National Brands

At Petrone Food Works, we’re committed to marketing our customers the products of quality and variety that they have grown to know and love. That is why we would like to earn the opportunity to partner with some of the most recognized national brands in the industry. All in the food and beverage industry this can be accomplished by utilizing our highly equipped sales force, marketing management team and promotional staff. Our sales staff operates out in the field showcasing you product, along with point of sale materials with only one goal in mind; getting the product slotted into stores.

Our next objective will be to enhance the relationship with the customer. Our marketing team hires personable below-the-line promotional staff to work in the stores, to demonstrate and pass out complementary product and be that energetic and pleasant face represent your company. Our rationale is to hold these proprietary promotional events at the stores where your product is being sold. The customer will feel and see the earnest commitment to moving cases which turns into customer retention and ultimately expand the customer base. These marketing initiatives are vital to the selling process and customer base retention leading to new growth and keeping the customer feeling attended to, cared for on every level.

PFW is here and will be there to serve as the liaison between your company, the vendor and the customer. Our experience and equipped staff will guide you through every step of the customer relations, marketing, promoting and sales process.