Research & Development

Petrone Food Works joins along side with manufacturers that staff highly experienced food and beverage scientists. PFW’s expertise of industry trends, combined with a deep knowledge of customer preference and trending ingredients will serve as a wealth of invaluable information as you begin to develop your proprietary concept and product.

The Custom Solution

When choosing a custom packaging solution; whether a Cold or Frozen Fill, Dry or Heat Fill, Aseptically Packed or Tunnel Pasteurized; these processes will determine which package is appropriate for your product.

Packaging options include aluminum cans, containers, or tins. Glass bottles or jars. Plastic PET bottles or containers, tetra packs and HDPE pack. PFW’s knowledgeable staff will be able to assess and recommend the appropriate packaging option for your custom product.

Attract and Compel

The label is one of the most important aspects to attract and compel a customer to take and purchase your product. There are two main styles of label designs;traditional and modern. Traditional Design Style- is a complex design with straight up and down graphics Modern Design Style- is typography that utilizes simple design with fresh graphic placements.

Petrone Food Works has an extraordinarily talented graphic designer that can take your idea, put it on paper and make it into a reality. We will guide and walk you through each step of choosing your design, style and typography; ultimately positioning your product to be strategically marketed towards the consumer.