Beverage Industry


The source that is vital to all life on Earth, clean drinking water is an essential way to hydration. The fastest growing categories in the beverage industry today are water based products. The newest format is to have nutrients added to improve the functionality. Some companies simply add calcium, electrolytes, magnesium and potassium while other water based drinks have ingredients that aid in relaxation, appetite suppression and bone strengthening. Frequently, ingredients added to water are Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12, B13, C and E, Fiber, natural flavors and various sweeteners. While these beverages are still water based products, they too tend to have additional functionality and ingredients. PFW has dedicated its marketing expertise to developing beverages within this category.

Artificial and Natural

A beverage that contains carbon dioxide gas that exists both artificially and naturally is labeled as a carbonated beverage. Beer and spring water fall under the category of a naturally carbonated beverage.

Soda pop and soda water fall under the category of being artificially carbonated beverages. Carbohydrates in carbonated beverages lessen and slow the absorption when combined with water; but, they will provide a quick energy boost. Marketed primarily on the basis of flavor and functionality; with hundreds of soda on the market, innovative and new flavors are the ones that will most likely succeed.

PFW’s expertise and focus on this category can provide your company with a conceptual model that will emphasize the carbonated beverages’ distinct characteristics, identity and personality.

Special Purpose

Beverage drinks with a specific function; such as: Alertness, detoxification, digestion aid, energy, health and joint health, immunity boosting, relaxation and weight management, are developed by either physicians and/or scientist. The types of ingredients for these functional beverages are purposeful and are intentionally added; such as: Acai fruit, calcium, chondroitin sulfate, D-ribose, folic acid, ginkgo biloba, glucosamine, grape seed extract and plant sterols.

PFW is poised to aid in the creation of functional beverages and positioned to assist with the launching of a functional beverage into the marketplace.

From the Fruit to the Various Vegetables

Juice is any liquid that contains a percentage of natural juice; fruit or vegetable, with a combination of other ingredients and is generally consumed for beneficial reasons. Examples of juice’s nutritional value include: Cranberry juice which prevents bacteria from infiltrating the bladder; orange juice which contains folic acid potassium and vitamin C and prune juice is known for assisting with digestion.

Juices contain carbohydrates, electrolytes, minerals and vitamins, specific examples are apple juice, barley grass, fruit purees, Jerusalem artichoke, Omega 3, DHA, Soy Lecithin, Soy Protein, Wheat grass and Wheat Sprouts. PFW is equipped to prepare a comprehensive marketing plan towards developing your proprietary juice beverage.

Energy Boost, Hydration and Performance Driven

Most sports drinks contain a combination of ingredients that give energy, provide as a source of hydration and help the body’s overall performance. Understanding that these certain drinks utilize quercetin when consumed triggers cells a unique ability to produce energy. Other energy drinks us CoQ10, protein and ribose which support muscle recovery and promote the body’s optimal performance. Glucose is another key ingredient within this beverage category that at times is used in sports drinks due to its ability to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream; products with these ingredients are consumed usually before, during and after physical activity.

Energy drink products are not geared toward the athletic market. These beverages are usually in caffeine; contain herbal supplements, sugar and vitamins. This category of beverages is promoted for mental alertness and performance enhancement.

PFW has the experience and is equipped to launch and market energy and sports drinks into the marketplace, inquire today for a free consultation.